Occupational Healthcare Services

Maritime Medical Services

IIndoworld Mediserve Pvt Ltd is one of the Occupational Healthcare Services Company based in Mumbai-India, catering to the medical needs of the Marine, offshore, Diving & Construction Industries since last five years.

We understand the demands of industries operating in remote locations. IMPL has brought together healthcare professionals, medical supplies, & equipment, local knowledge to provide international standard medical care offshore or on land for the oil & gas and construction industries

Our ability to deliver a consistent standard of medical care in extreme remote worksite helps reduce your number of failed assignments and employee replacement costs while keeping your

workforce healthy and business profitable.

IIndoworld Mediserve Pvt Ltd helps companies to develop & implement comprehensive occupational health programs that develop better employee health, decrease health-related costs, improve employee morale, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity.

By undertaking comprehensive Healthcare packages we analyze the health status of the employees, predict the health risk and ensure better health among company employees. Quality healthcare gives healthy workforce which leads to reduced sign off on medical ground

What makes IIndoworld Mediserve different?

Better Experience

  • Our robust healthcare governance is supported by best practice protocols and processes.
  • This enables organizations to operate within full federal, provincial and duty of care compliance.

Better Health

Working under our philosophy of prevention as well as cure, our medical solutions are focused on delivering a proactive approach. Our integrated medic services help reduce lost time incidents for corporate clients develop capacity to support in an emergency and minimize impact on local or remote health facilities

Better Value

We facilitate high-quality yet affordable medical treatments through partnerships with prestigious hospitals, renowned surgeons, and expert practitioners.

 Specializing in various areas such as Liver Transplant, Kidney Transplant, Cosmetic Surgery, Dental Care, Heart Surgeries, Orthopaedics, and more, our network ensures exceptional expertise and success rates for international patients. 

Our services extend to traditional treatments like Ayurveda and Unani Therapies, all at the most reasonable prices.

Best Medical Care for you and your family India has established itself as a leading integrated provider of services and health care all over the Asia region, and the best option for many patients from around the world, such as Saudi, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Nigeria, Kenya, Russia, UK, and the USA