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Occupational Healthcare Services

Our company is one of the most renowned medical tourism companies today.

Medical Tourism

Our company is one of the most renowned medical tourism companies today.


Best Medical Care for you and your family

India has established itself as a leading integrated provider of services and health care all over the Asia region, and the best option for many patients from around the world, such as Saudi, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Nigeria, Kenya, Russia, UK, and the USA.

It is worth mentioning that the reputation of the incomparable medical tourism in India has contributed greatly in attracting large tourist groups from all over Asia and Africa to receive high-level medical services at the IINDOWORLD MEDISERVE. This is not only enriching the medical tourism but also providing the tourism sector with an important investment resource of tourism that enhances the business of hotels, shopping centers and different infrastructure facilities like transportation and air travel services.

Healthcare Services

Care can range from nursing care to specialized medical services

Corporate Health Checkup

It has always been a known fact that most of the corporate employees deal with huge pressure each and every day including a hectic journey that sometimes turns unhealthy.

Medical Staffing

Our medical staffing services enhance care quality and drives efficiency by combining a range of skill sets to deliver more value for the money from a single supplier.

Primary and Emergency Care

Limited access to medical care not only has an impact on employee health, availability for work and turn-over but a direct impact on the bottom line.

Medical Supplies and Equipment

Our medical supplies division, have the capability to equip and resupply an existing or new clinic. Choose from a full range of off-the-shelf medical supplies and....

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