Medical Tourism

India has established itself as a leading integrated provider of services and health care all over the Asia region, and the best option for many patients from around the world, such as Saudi, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Nigeria, Kenya, Russia, UK, and the USA.

It is worth mentioning that the reputation of the incomparable medical tourism in India has contributed greatly in attracting large tourist groups from all over Asia and Africa to receive high-level medical services at the IINDOWORLD MEDISERVE. This is not only enriching the medical tourism but also providing the tourism sector with an important investment resource of tourism that enhances the business of hotels, shopping centers and different infrastructure facilities like transportation and air travel services. Moreover, the services provided by the IINDOWORLD MEDISERVE managed to attract many patients who used to receive treatment in other European and Asian countries known for providing medical services. However, with the Almighty’s blessings and the IINDOWORLD MEDISERVE competencies, it emerged as a milestone and secured a prominent spot on the private health sector map. The nature of the cases received by the Hospital from outside India is bright evidence on the therapeutic efficacy it offers, which contributed in changing the medical tourism concept to the so-called “adverse medical tourism”.

During the last two years, the IINDOWORLD MEDISERVE Mumbai India received a large number of the Gulf citizens and residents who used to receive treatment in other countries yet decided to continue their treatment with the IINDOWORLD MEDISERVE its significant medical specialties underpinning the medical tourism, such as neurosurgery, cardiac surgery and orthopaedic surgery, Dental care, in addition to that it is fully equipped with all the latest necessary medical equipment technologies along with the outstanding experience of the highly qualified staff.

Who we are

IINDOWORLD MEDISERVE, based in Mumbai, has excelled in providing service to patients and medical tourists since 2012. We at IINDOWORLD MEDISERVE work with a commitment towards facilitating quality, affordable and reliable healthcare options available in India to global citizens.

We understand that for someone residing outside of India, seeking medical treatment in a new place can be a confusing affair. Thus, we harness our expertise and help you locate the best hospitals, doctors and even hotels/accommodation in India at affordable rates.

We are supported by a dedicated and knowledgeable team 24×7 and our professionals work in unison to guarantee you a speedy recovery by introducing you to some of the best doctors and healthcare professionals in the industry. Our team takes care of all your needs – arranging accommodation/hotel stay, assistance for a Medical visa, making necessary arrangements for after surgery care, and providing the best of translators and local transportation for your ease and convenience. We make the best quality yet affordable medical treatment a possibility through our tie-ups with the most prestigious hospitals, medical centres and world renowned surgeons, doctors and medical practitioners who have exceptional expertise and best success ratio in treating international patients in the areas of Liver Transplant, Kidney Transplant, Cosmetic Surgery, Dental Care, Heart Surgeries, Coronary Bypass, Health Check-up, Valve Replacements, Orthopaedic Surgeries, Knee Replacements, State of art Artificial limbs and limbs supports services , Eye Surgeries, Indian Traditional Treatments like Ayurveda and Unani Therapies and several other health services at the most reasonable prices.

Providing best solutions to countless international patients, our company has come a long way from being a medical care provider to one of the most renowned medical tourism companies today. IINDOWORLD MEDISERVE exceeds your expectations by adhering to the highest degree of ethics & international patient care protocol. We also bring patients comfort of a three-four-five and seven-star hotel and an exclusive tour of Incredible India.

We carefully fuse the highest standards of medical excellence and quality service to etch excellence as a global wellness company. We work with an aim to offer surgery with maximum care and minimal invasion of the body whenever possible.

We have achieved a reputed position as the best medical tourism company due to the following reasons

Our Mission

We are a patient-centric organization with a firm commitment towards providing affordable, quality and ethical healthcare services to medical tourists.

We have achieved a reputed position as the best medical tourism company due to the following reasons

We comply with the highest ethical, legal & professional standards. Ethics, Integrity, and Quality are at the heart of our business
We maintain honesty, integrity, and transparency in our business dealings with and on behalf of our clients and our associates
We adopt a sensitive approach to confidential information provided by clients and never share such information with a third party unless duly instructed by the patient or required on behalf of the patient
We only use latest medical equipment and technology
We arrange for economic medical travel with the best medical outcomes
We associate with many leading healthcare providers across India. Our joint effort is to provide high-quality, accredited and transparent health care at nominal rates to global clients
Provide the best care possible including translators, travel arrangements, hotel stay private rooms, private chefs, and dedicated staff throughout your stay Strict adherence to the legal procedures.